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About us

Microbiome is leading in the field of innovative molecular microbiological diagnostics. read more >


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Business Units

Microbiome works for listed pharmaceutical and industrial companies. Microbiome has all the competencies organized into 3 business units. These business units operate autonomously on the market, thus ensuring optimal coordination
with our clients. Depending on customer requirements, project teams,
with different skills from the various business units are involved.

MB Diagnostics: "improving healthcare through innovation"

Microbiome is active in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative molecular microbiological techniques, tools, systems, kits and characterizations.

MB Legionella management: "the total solution for Legionella prevention"

Microbiome offers the affordable solution for Legionella prevention. Our patented water filtration device is very easy to carry out by which we can help you save considerably on the cost of Legionella prevention since you do not need external personnel to do the required sampling. After you have send us the filters, you will receive within 3 working days online the results of the tests at our laboratory.

MB Home tests: "The specialist in home tests" specializes in home tests. We are leading in the Netherlands with home tests on cancer and infectious diseases. Our label Testing-At-Home only includes highly reliable and affordable products.

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Partners of Microbiome

We develop integrated solutions together with leading manufacturers from the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries, helping them to leverage our leading sample & assay technologies as part of their own offerings... read more >